Ep. 41 – The Best of 2015 (So Far)

On this episode of The Closing Track, Austin and Aaron look back over 2015 and give their top 5 albums of the year – who made our lists, and why? There were several surprising choices! Aaron decides to review the new Cradle of Filth album, Austin goes nuts on the new Gungor album, and Ryan Culwell gets compared to craft beer. This is easily one of the most insane episodes we’ve done yet.

Question for the next episode: what 2015 release are you most anticipated for that hasn’t been released yet?
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Ep. 40 – 4th of July and ‘Murican Music


On this episode of The Closing Track, Austin and Aaron outline their plans for the 4th of July (with Aaron’s plans being far more epic than Austin’s) and talk country music, Americana music, patriotism in songs, millennials and politics, and quite a bit more! Austin reviews the new Emery album, Aaron acknowledges the glorious taste of Founders Breakfast Stout, and much more! New Question of the Week and exciting updates included!

Episode Outline:
0:00 – Cleaning Up Fireworks
5:01 – Transition Update
10:16 – Emery, “You Were Never Alone” Review
19:30 – New Release Friday
20:43 – 4th of July and ‘Murican Music
47:41 – Recos
52:20 – Question of the Week
57:04 – Why We Do This

Ep. 39 – All Hail Taylor Swift


(Audio isn’t as good as it usually is in this episode. Apologies about that.)

On this episode of The Closing Track, Austin, Aaron, and Andrew discuss Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple and their subsequent response. Austin reluctantly confesses he likes Taylor Swift for this recent stunt, Aaron reviews the new Kacey Musgraves album, and Andrew sheds light on giving albums away for free vs the traditional compensation model. Plenty of reco’s (even a dis-reco!), several responses to the Question of the Week, and more!

Question for the next episode: what will you be playing this 4th of July weekend? Respond to us below and be heard on the next episode!

Ep. 38 – John Calvin on Christian Music


On this episode of The Closing Track, Austin and Aaron talk The Ongoing Concept, Third Eye Blind, and a famous quote from John Calvin’s Institutes that applies to how we listen to all kinds of music, whether from Christians or non-Christians. We also lay bare some of our most personal secrets on the Question of the Week segment, get really deep and heavy on Reco’s, and more!
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Ep. 37 – Lift Your Hands NOW! (A Response to Janell Belcher)


On this episode of The Closing Track, Austin and Aaron discuss an article from the lead vocalist of The Ember Days on worship, expression in worship, “organic” worship, and…yeah, worship. We also review the new Jamie xx and Of Monsters and Men releases, discuss how awesome Puerto Rico’s version of Christmas is (and Santa Clause is a Peeping Tom), the passing of Christopher Lee, coffee shop gimmicks, and more! First installment of our new Question of the Week segment included! Make sure to tweet us at @aalblog, Facebook us at Another Ascending Lark, or email us at anotherascendinglark@gmail.com to get YOUR responses read on next week’s show!

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Ep. 36 – Of Lists And Why We Make Them


On this episode of The Closing Track, we begin our new Question of the Week segment by asking: if any artist/band could sing Happy Birthday at your birthday party, who would you pick, and why? We also talk lists and why we make them, since every music lover has a list of some type for favorite albums/artists/songs/ect. We discuss our top 3 favorite genres, musicians, and concerts, as well as our favorite book as favorite beers, and then ask a cliffhanger rhetorical question: do we glorify God the way we choose our favorite things, or are there other motives at hand? Plenty of reco’s, profound revelations, and potentially blasphemous Harry Potter remarks included!

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